Creative Consultancy

Our specialist expertise in the world of children’s publishing means we are ideally placed to create stories for a target audience or to help you in further developing an existing brand.

If you're a publisher who's spotted a gap in the market for a particular age group and would like to work with us in developing a series to fill that gap, then do get in touch and we can discuss a service specifically tailored to meet your needs.

Photo by Elena Kudryashova/iStock / Getty Images

We are experienced in creating series fiction for all ages from 5 to young adult and crossover titles. We can create the concept, plot story outlines and find the right author voice for your project. We work innovatively to suit your needs and situation – brainstorming ideas with you or working independently to deliver a project that suits.

Amber has been instrumental in the development of many successful series fiction projects, such as Rainbow Magic, Heartland, My Sister the Vampire, The Lady Grace Mysteries, Vampire Beach, Gargoylz, Adventure Island and many more . . .

If you are an agent or publisher with an existing brand and would like to explore opportunities for developing that brand for children – or for other age groups – then we have lots of ideas to help with that too! Get in touch and we can discuss ideas.