Expert literary agents in children's books & YA fiction

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Whether it’s a hilarious adventure for an emerging reader, a sweeping magic-carpet ride through a middle-grade fantasy or a sophisticated psychological thriller for teens, we will make your story soar!

With over 25 years in the children’s publishing industry, Amber Caravéo and Joanna Moult are experts in children's books. We decided to set up a boutique children's literary agency - Skylark Literary - to seek and support the very best writers for young people.  We specialise in nurturing talented authors, helping each to find their voice and develop their writing skills. We champion our authors’ interests at every step, from guiding their fledgling first approach to supporting their high-flying literary careers.

The author/agent partnership is vital for every writer – thanks to our experience in major children’s book publishing houses, we can help authors successfully navigate the complexities of the publishing world. We blog regularly - see here.

Calling all authors… If you have a story to engage and delight readers, we want to hear from you. See Submission Guidelines.