Noah on TV?

Exciting news - Simon James Green's funny & perceptive YA novel, Noah Can't Even, has been optioned for TV! You can read all about it here.

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Amy Wilson at her children's book launch

Amy Wilson at her children's book launch


Fantastic news! January 26th 2017 saw the publication day of Skylark Literary's very first published book - the wonderful A Girl Called Owl by Amy Wilson (seen here celebrating at her launch party in Waterstones, Bristol).

It was a dream come true for all of us to see this in print. Thank you, Amy, for making it possible! :-) The book has been spectacularly well reviewed (of course!). There is a lovely trailer which you can view here, and if that tempts you, you can buy the book here.

One for SCBWI Members ...

On January 16th 2017 Amber will be taking part in an SCBWI 'Industry Insiders' event: An Evening with Literary Agents. You can find out more here, but please note that the event is for SCBWI members only.

One to Watch...

Lovely to see Skylark Literary's very first book - A Girl Called Owl by the brilliant Amy Wilson - hailed as 'one to watch' in The Bookseller! Congratulations Amy on a great start...


In the news...

Amber has answered a Q&A for esteemed American publication, Kirkus. It can be found in the 'Pro Connect - Word on the Street' section of their website. See here... 


You probably know that we at Skylark Literary will go almost anywhere for cake and the chance to ramble on about children's books!

Well, this September we will be at the following events and it would be fab if you were to join us! 

We're in Newcastle on Saturday 10th September and then in Cambridge on Sunday 11th September. Please do come along and ask any questions you might have about children's book publishing - no question is too small or silly! 

If you are currently working on a book then you might find it useful to book a one-to-one session with us - more details here for Newcastle and here for Cambridge. Sessions are filling up quickly so book as soon as you can! 

In The Bookseller, Futurebook

Amber's written a piece on the futility of trying to predict the trends and the importance of creativity in the publishing industry - see here for the full story.

Book Bound Writers' Residential Retreat

In June, Amber will be on the agent panel for the brilliant Book Bound Writers' Residential Retreat. Book Bound is run by a team of industry professionals who are uniquely experienced as both writers and editors. Their advice is invaluable. If you are interested in perfecting your script with some expert guidance then do consider applying for this - more details here


We are delighted to announce that the very wonderful A Girl Called Owl by talented debut author, Amy Wilson, has sold in a two-book deal to Rachel Petty at Macmillan Children's Books. See the announcement in The Bookseller here.

Edinburgh Literary Festival

In August 2015 we were at the Edinburgh Literary Festival where Amber took part in the SCBWI Panel Event - How to Survive Being Published - alongside talented authors Jane Yolen, Christina Banach, Nicola Morgan and Elizabeth Wein. Learn more here.

Skylark on Tour . . .

In 2015 we were out and about, talking to writers' groups up and down the country about the children's publishing business. We visited Chichester, Bristol, Exeter, Shaftesbury, Bracknell, Wolverhampton, Manchester, Kendal and Edinburgh. The writers we met were inspiring - so much so, in fact, that we are planning more tour dates for this year! To hear more about our tour and the reasons behind it, see this article in the wonderful SCBWI British Isles magazine, Words & Pictures.

Radio Show

We did an interview about Skylark Literary for the Just Women show on Brooklands Radio. It's around 15 minutes long. If you'd like to hear it, you can listen here.