We're on Facebook!

So, two weeks done and we feel like the new kids in the office, slowly settling in. We’re not having to ask annoying questions like, ‘Where are the staples kept?’ any more. We have set up Excel spreadsheets and created email folders and generally found a nice working rhythm that suits us both. Now we feel that we’re all organised and ready to find some writing brilliance!

In other news we have a Facebook page! Here it is:


We will be posting any interesting articles that we come across and chatting about publishing stuff. We’ve already posted a few interesting things we’ve seen. We will all miss PD James so as a tribute we’ve shared her top 10 tips for writing novels – we especially like number five!

Also there is an article pondering whether adults should read YA. The answer seems obvious to us but others don’t feel the same, so we’d be interested to hear your views.

Please do come and visit us there and tell us what you think. Don’t be shy! Come and join the conversation.