Skylark on tour . . . but where shall we go?

                             Photo credit -    Ian Britton -

                             Photo credit - Ian Britton -

Skylark Literary has been up and running for five months now and we’re delighted with the amazing response we’ve had. But we know that it sometimes feels as though the whole publishing world revolves around London, so we thought we’d get out and about a bit!  

We’re planning to chuck our suitcases in the back of Amber’s convertible and do a bookish Thelma & Louise – hopefully with less tragedy and death, obvs!

We’d like to visit creative writing courses, writers’ groups and literary festivals – in fact, anyone who feels it would be useful to have us come and chat about all things writing, agenting and publishing in the Children’s and YA arena. 

There’s no set itinerary yet so we thought that we’d ask for your thoughts on the matter. If you are part of a Children’s/YA writers’ group, are organising a literary festival or have any other interesting ideas for where we should go and who we should see, then please do let us know! We’re starting with Britain, but we’d love to reach some of the further flung parts of the UK.

Come and tell us on Facebook, tweet us at @SkylarkLit or you can email us on We can’t wait to hear from you and start planning our grand Skylark Literary tour! Please get in touch!